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Organization Design Implementation Plan

Organization design can be a significant accelerator in financial performance. Boxology offers a unique solution to assess the direct alignment of the organization to its strategy and business model using OrgCheck TM. Our deep experience and expertise in Organization Design allowed us to assist our clients on more than 400 organizational design projects for almost all types on industry across the world since 2002.

Organization Development

Digital and emerging technologies, changing market conditions, and regulatory pressures are common external forces that drive business transformation. Boxology uses advanced cloud-based visualization tools and reporting dashboards to bring full clarity on your future organization design. Our project methods allow us to work remotely, in real-time and 24/7 access to your organization data. Our outsource solution offers you an opportunity to have an on-call organization design expert without having to invest in full time staff.

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future organizational design

Research, Keynotes & Training

As leaders in organization transformation we provide on regular basis support to academic research initiatives across the world. Our experts bring keynotes to regional and international conferences and summits. We also deliver specialized Organization Design courses through internationally recognized training and academic institutes.