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Why you should care about on-demand Hiring?

We are heading into the fourth industrial revolution, the technology revolution. Technology influences every part of our lives, as individuals and as business leaders. But it’s not the change itself which is causing so much trouble. Rather it is the increasing speed of that change that is challenging business leaders.

What is on-demand Hiring?

Think Uber and the taxi industry, Amazon and retailers, Netflix and video rentals. These companies didn’t just take out competitors, they fundamentally changed the industry in their image.

Adaptability and innovation aren’t owned by the product teams, organisations should embed agility at every level of their organisation. This essential guide will explain how to use on-demand hiring to become more agile and competitive.

future of organizational design
future organizational design

How to hire on-demand an HR advisor?

Not all companies require full time HR OD advisors, so Boxology offers hire on-demand expertise.

Our approach is very simple:

  1. Scope the “role” and estimate the number of days by month you require our services.
  2. Agree on a fix hourly rate and establish an NDA & Contract
  3. Manage work by monthly timesheet and invoice

Hire on-demand is the future of HR work for HR experts.

Where to hire on-demand?

HR Nomad is based on the concept of empowering people, who are willing to leave their regular 9 to 5 jobs for space and time independent jobs. The digital nomad lifestyle has gained significant popularity as traditional employees aspire to move their regular jobs in favour of internet-based jobs while wandering around the globe. Digital nomadism is no longer a fantasy thanks to networks and communities that aim at supporting it.

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