"I come from a family of engineers and architects. And although I didn't become an engineer like my father, I have understood from an early age that whatever you design, should be in close relationship with the needs and wishes of your customer.

During the last 20 years, I had the chance, through my social science and law studies and work as a consultant, to understand the complexities of our society and the important relation to the practice of organization design and development. My approach has always been employee and customer centric, focusing on the ultimate objectives of an organization, keeping in mind the principles of operational excellence. Through my career, I have been lucky to work with young, bright men and women who are today OD experts. My journey as a professional started in Europe, going to Asia and Africa. I had wonderful opportunities to work on some of the most important global OD challenges for companies in various industries like banking, technology, chemicals, mining, telecommunication, and governments.

Today I share this knowledge with hundreds of OD professionals across the world to offer our expertise and skills in organization design, corporate performance, and human capital practices through this platform."

Frederik H.