organizational structure matrix

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Designing a customer centric, agile and high-performing organization is difficult but not impossible. It requires an integrated and accurate view of the organization structures, the ability to visualize a set of interrelated organizational data sets and a solid organization design methodology. Designing organizations requires us to understand the organization from its strategy all the way down to the individual job description. Boxology brings to you the cutting-edge OrgCheckTM assessment method, cloud-based visualization technology, and access to our digital workspace.

Bring Experts

We bring our experts to your digital doorstep. Our Organization Development experts come from all industries all over the world.

Embrace Digital

You don’t have to fly us in. Boxology is 100% digital. Our assessments and consulting are cloud based.

Be affordable

You pay only for what you ask. Request today a proposal and get a detailed Organization Design package that fits your needs.


Share Knowledge

Boxology has access to benchmark information from 12,000 organizations in more than 100 countries and experts from over 80 countries.

Outsource OD

You don’t want to hire a full time Organization Design expert? Boxology offers an OD outsource solution. Contact us for more details


Organization Design 2.0

An organizational design review has never been that easy. OrgCheckTM is a secured cloud-based, digital assessment, and reporting platform. The whole process of administering, calculation, analysis, and reporting is technology driven. The analysis and recommendations are submitted along with the results of an extensive report.


  • 20-minute completion time
  • Evaluates Organizational Agility
  • Predicts Organizational Change Success
  • Provides Organization Development trajectories
  • Based on two academic researches
  • Privacy & encrypted data protection
  • Online data collection & administration
  • Access to a real-time analysis dashboard
  • Mobile friendly, auto-fill logic

How OrgCheckTM  Works

Determine your scores

The OrgCheckTM scores are a leading indicator of sustained performance, measuring organizational readiness relative to your readiness and agility as organization for change.

Analyze for success

Our years of research show that the healthiest organizations are rooted in core beliefs about value creation, customer-centricity and agility.

Design your org development journey

We take your organization’s score and a recipe for success and use them to help you design and implement a development program that leads to sustainable results.

Expertise in

12 Industrial

Access to experts in



Design & execution

Organization Design

Boxology goes beyond lines and boxes. We help clients design organizations to optimize financial performance, drive growth, and strengthen both short-and long-term organizational agility.

Organization Development

We help large organizations strategize, design and implement change programs that improve performance, build capabilities, and strengthen behavior over time.

Research, Keynotes & Training

Boxology leads and participates in a variety of OD research initiatives, conferences & Summits. As OD expert center we also conduct short courses and keynotes during corporate events.

organizational structure matrix

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